About Us


Quantitative Principles

By applying quantitative principles, we can discover inefficiencies and patterns in normal market data. 


Low Risk

Once succesful patterns are discovered, we aim to utilize our knowledge of portfolio construction to increase diversification, avoid net market exposures, and minimize risk.


Consistent Returns

Our goal is to generate consistent returns over long periods of time, obtaining market-beating returns both in bad times and good.

Meet the Team

John Hanson - Partner


John's background as a former missile test engineer and a published scientist in laser beam combining gives him a strong quantitative framework which differs from that available in standard financial courses. John holds an Msc. Financial Economics from Oxford University, as well as a Msc. Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. 

Chester Rodeheaver - Partner


Chester's experience in corporate finance, strategic advisory, and consulting for startups and joint ventures make him an an ideal choice for overseeing operations, compliance, and marketing. Chester is the founder and manager of Pont Capital, and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago as well as an MPA from Harvard University.

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